Saxonica: Welcome

Developers of the Saxon processor for XSLT, XQuery, and XML Schema, including the only XSLT 3.0 conformant toolset.

Saxonica was founded by Dr Michael Kay in 2004. We now have more than 500 clients world-wide.

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Recent news

16 August 2017
Saxon maintenance release for Java and .NET.

28 July 2017
Saxon maintenance release for Java and .NET.

10/11 June 2017
Michael Kay, Debbie Lockett, and O'Neil Delpratt all presented at XML London 2017.

8 June 2017
Saxon first release for Java and .NET.

8 June 2017
Congratulations: XSLT 3.0 published as a W3C Recommendation.

21 March 2017
Congratulations: XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1 published as W3C Recommendations.

10 February 2017
Michael Kay presented a paper on Projection and Streaming: Compared, Contrasted, and Synthesized at XML Prague 2017.

10 February 2017
John Lumley presented a paper on XPath 3.1 in the Browser at XML Prague 2017.

7 February 2017
Saxon-JS 1.0 first full release.

5 August 2016
Saxon/C 1.0.2 is released on Mac OS X and Linux for C/C++/PHP.