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XdmItem Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for XdmItem:
XdmValue XdmAtomicValue XdmNode

Public Member Functions

 XdmItem (jobject)
 XdmItem (const XdmItem &item)
virtual bool isAtomic ()
virtual jobject getUnderlyingValue ()
sxnc_valuegetUnderlyingCValue ()
virtual const char * getStringValue (SaxonProcessor *proc=NULL)
XdmItemgetHead ()
XdmItemitemAt (int n)
int size ()
virtual XDM_TYPE getType ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XdmValue
 XdmValue ()
 XdmValue (SaxonProcessor *p)
 XdmValue (const XdmValue &other)
XdmValueaddXdmValueWithType (const char *tStr, const char *val)
void addXdmItem (XdmItem *val)
void addUnderlyingValue (jobject val)
 XdmValue (jobject val)
void releaseXdmValue ()
int getRefCount ()
void incrementRefCount ()
void decrementRefCount ()
void setProcessor (SaxonProcessor *p)
const char * checkFailures ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from XdmValue
char * valueType
std::vector< XdmItem * > values
int xdmSize
int refCount

Member Function Documentation

XdmItem * XdmItem::getHead ( )

Get the first item in the sequence

XdmItem or null if sequence is empty

Reimplemented from XdmValue.

XDM_TYPE XdmItem::getType ( )

Get the type of the object

Reimplemented from XdmValue.

Reimplemented in XdmNode, and XdmAtomicValue.

jobject XdmItem::getUnderlyingValue ( )

Get Java XdmValue object.

jobject - The Java object of the XdmValue in its JNI representation

Reimplemented from XdmValue.

Reimplemented in XdmNode.

XdmItem * XdmItem::itemAt ( int  n)

Get the n'th item in the value, counting from zero.

nthe item that is required, counting the first item in the sequence as item zero
the n'th item in the sequence making up the value, counting from zero return NULL if n is less than zero or greater than or equal to the number of items in the value return NULL if the value is lazily evaluated and the delayed evaluation fails with a dynamic error.

Reimplemented from XdmValue.

int XdmItem::size ( )

Get the number of items in the sequence

Reimplemented from XdmValue.

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