Class DocumentBuilder

Class DomDestination

Class DynamicError

Class NullDestination

Class Processor

Class QName

Class SchemaManager

Class SchemaValidator

Class SequenceEnumerator

Class Serializer

Class StaticError

Class TextWriterDestination

Class XPathCompiler

Class XPathExecutable

Class XPathSelector

Class XQueryCompiler

Class XQueryEvaluator

Class XQueryExecutable

Class XdmAtomicValue

Class XdmDestination

Class XdmEmptySequence

Class XdmItem

Class XdmNode

Class XdmValue

Class XmlDestination

Class XsltCompiler

Class XsltExecutable

Class XsltTransformer

Enum RecoveryPolicy

Enum SchemaValidationMode

Enum TreeModel

Enum WhitespacePolicy

Enum XdmAxis

Interface IMessageListener

Interface IQueryResolver

Interface IResultDocumentHandler

Interface IXmlLocation

Interface SchemaResolver


Saxon.Api - the Saxon Application Programming Interface for .NET

These pages describe the contents of the Saxon.Api namespace.

The classes are all found in assembly saxon9api.dll.

To get started, create a Processor object

Further background information about this API is available at