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To download Saxon-HE/C, the open-source version of Saxon for the C/C++/PHP platforms, see the Saxon/C page.


Saxon-HE (Home Edition) is the open-source version of the Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor.

To obtain Saxon-HE, please visit the download page at SourceForge. Recent Saxon-HE releases can also be downloaded from Maven.

The latest release is Saxon , released on . For more information see Latest Releases.

The latest maintenance release of 9.7 is Saxon , released on . Saxon 9.7 is currently considered the most stable and reliable release.

Separate download files are available for Saxon on the Java platform and Saxon on the .NET platform.

An additional download file (common to both platforms) is available containing documentation and sample applications (see Additional Resources on the main Download page).

Release Notes

Details of all bugs can be found on the Saxonica community site. Bug reports and support requests can also be submitted there (clients who prefer not to do this in public are provided with a Saxonica email address to use instead).

To receive notification of new major and minor releases, please subscribe to the release announcements news feed. This is used only for routine announcements of new software releases.

Details of changes in major software releases are included in the Change History section of the documentation.


Saxon-CE (Client Edition) supports XSLT 2.0 processing in the browser. The current release is 1.1, and the code is open-source.

By downloading the software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.