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Saxon-JS is an XSLT 3.0 run-time written in pure JavaScript. It is designed to execute Stylesheet Export Files compiled by Saxon-EE.

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JavaScript Saxon-JS 1.2 Saxon-JS 1.1
Saxon-JS 1.2.0
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Saxon-JS 1.1.0
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The latest Saxon-JS release is 1.2.0, released on 5 October 2018. To be able to use all new features, it is recommended that SEFs are produced with Saxon-EE or later (in general SEFs should be produced with Saxon-EE or later for use with Saxon-JS 1.x). SEFs generated using Saxon-EE 9.9 require Saxon-JS 1.2.

For further details on Saxon-EE and Saxon-JS compatibility, see the Compatibility section on the main Saxon-JS page.

For earlier releases, see Saxon-JS archive.


Although the source code of Saxon-JS is made available, the product is not open source. The code is the intellectual property of Saxonica, except for the open source components listed at Third-party Components.

For licensing purposes Saxon-JS is considered to be part of Saxon Enterprise Edition, and purchasing a Saxon-EE license entitles you to use and deploy Saxon-JS. The basic model for Saxon-JS is that we charge for development, not for deployment. A Saxon-EE license is required to produce an SEF (stylesheet export file), but no license is needed for run time deployment on a web browser. The Saxon-EE license conditions can be found at Saxon Licensing.

Further information

For release notes, documentation, information on installing the software, and details about earlier releases, see the Saxon-JS product page.