Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: Saxon-CE Licensing

Saxon-CE Licensing

The production version of Saxon-CE is available on commercial terms and also for evaluation. The license should be downloaded from the appropriate link on the Saxonica license page.

Licensing is on a "per-domain" basis, and entitles the developer of a web site to use Saxon-CE in the construction of that site, with implicit permission for all visitors to the site to download the software when they visit HTML pages that require it.

Some open source components have been used in the construction of Saxon-CE. All of these are issued under licenses (BSD-style, Apache, or Mozilla) that permit use in a commercial product licensed under commercial terms. Some of these licenses require notices to be included in any software distribution: this requirement will be addressed when the product is fully released. Saxonica will also comply with any third-party requirements to release details of modifications made to source code.

Most of the code in Saxon-CE is derived directly from Saxon-HE code (largely by selective removal). The original Saxon-HE code is available under an open source license. Saxonica owns the copyright to most of this code, and is therefore free to reissue derived code under a different license. Where there is code to which Saxonica does not own the copyright, Saxonica will respect all the terms of the licenses under which it is using the code in question.

Third-Party License Notices

Saxon-CE uses third-party packages from the following individuals or organisations.




Jakarta regex library


Apache 2.0

Traces of XPath parser

James Clark

See text



See text

Unicode Normalization

Unicode, Inc

See text

Please download the notices zip file to see the text of the licenses referenced above.