Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: Alpha 0.2 (July 2011)

Alpha 0.2 (July 2011)

This is something of a stopgap release; a new version is under development, but was not ready for release before the time-expiry of release 0.1.

A bug has been fixed that prevented many stylesheets working under Internet Explorer (the content of a temporary tree created by xsl:result-document is now rooted at a DocumentFragment node rather than an IFrame element.)

When a style attribute is written, its content is now parsed, and Saxon updates the individual properties of the style object associated with the containing element. This was happening automatically under Firefox, but not under Internet Explorer.

Saxon no longer fails if the HTML DOM contains a DOCTYPE node.

The id() function has been verified to work in the HTML DOM, and it has been made to work withxml:id attributes (but not DTD-defined IDs) in the XML DOM.

The expiry date of the alpha trial has been extended to end October 2011.