Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: Release 1.0 (June 2012)

Release 1.0 (June 2012)

Release 1.0 marks the first production release of Saxon-CE. Changes since the final beta have been focused mainly on bug fixes and removing restrictions on types imposed by the JavaScript API. Some new features have also been added. The changes are summarised on the Saxon-CE community site where you can add feedback or your own change requests; the changes are also summarised below:

JavaScript API: There's a new XSLT20Processor function, transformToHTMLFragment, this provides improved integration with existing JavaScript libraries. Output can be appended directly to the DOM - avoiding issues associated with serializing XML output from the transformToFragment function before inserting it as HTML text.

Client Object Events: Templates can now be matched to client events originating outside of the DOM. This works in a similar way to DOM element events, but with the template's match 'pattern' containing an IXSL function that returns the target client object rather than matching a DOM element.

External System Interface: Applications that host a web-browser, such as IDEs, can now receive notification of errors and events from the Saxon-CE processor through a callback to window.external.saxonErrorHandler

New Language Features: There's a new IXSL instruction, ixsl:set-property, used for setting the values of JavaScript object properties. Also, JavaScript object properties can now be referenced for reading or writing using 'dot' character separated property names, e.g. location.href

Bug fixes: A list of issues fixed in this release (filtered from the Saxon-CE issues page) can be found on the community issues list.