Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: Beta 0.2 (April 2012)

Beta 0.2 (April 2012)

This is the second public beta release of Saxon-CE, details are given below.

JavaScript API: This beta release introduces a new JavaScript API for Saxon-CE to provide a more flexible method for invoking XSLT 2.0 from within the HTML page (or even another HTML page). The API Saxon-CE offers is modelled on that provided for XSLT 1.0 by Mozilla and Webkit based browsers along with the Sarissa API wrapper which also supports Internet Explorer. Saxon-CE extends this API to support the extra features inherent in XSLT 2.0 and also Saxon-CE's additional capability to transform standard HTML using XSLT.

XML/HTML Output Options: The new capability for the creation of XML documents or fragments allows better integration with other code and systems, it's also now possible to update existing HTML pages other than the host page.

Execution of Generated XSLT: The JavaScript API can be used to run any stylesheet (using cached versions if available), including ones generated dynamically.

Tracing and Diagnostics: Improved XSLT diagnostics are now provided in the form of a trace capability that provides an XML structured view of the dynamic execution of XSLT instructions within your stylesheet. This trace information can also be supplemented using the fn:trace() XPath function. Additional timing information can also be exploited using browser development tools that provide a time-line.

Bug fixes: A list of issues fixed in this release (filtered from the Saxon-CE issues page) can be found here. Particular attention has been paid to fixing namespace and prefix issues that affected SVG use both in HTML5 and XHTML. More details on these issues can be found on the issues list included on the Saxon-CE project's community page.