Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: updateHTMLDocument


updateHTMLDocument($source as Node?, $target as Document?) → String

Initiates an XSLT transform on an existing HTML document.





The source document or node to be transformed




The HTML Document object to update




The initial template must be set (using setInitialTemplate) when the source parameter is null. If the target parameter value is null, then the host HTML page is the target for all output.

updateHTMLDocument() is most commonly used with xsl:result-document to update parts of the document identified by the href attribute. The principal XSLT output (if any) is inserted at the end of the HTML body element.

Note: An error is raised if the source is set to the same document as the target. To read nodes in the HTML you're updating within the XSLT, use the ixsl:page() function which returns the Document node of the host page.