Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: setErrorHandler


setErrorHandler($handler as Function) →

Sets a callback function to allow your own code to manage events and errors occurring in the XSLT20Processor object.





The function to which callbacks will be made on events or errors



The error and event handling capability this callback provides is for use with the Debug variant of Saxon only. The threshold for this callback is controlled by the Logging setLogLevel method, or a URI argument - see the Logging section for further details.

The $handler function argument signature should hava a single error argument. The error object which is passed in the callback can then be used to get details on the error or event. It has 3 properties: message, level and time. If no error handler is set, any JavaScript or XSLT exceptions are thrown so that your code can manage them.

Sample JavaScript code:

var errors = new Array();

function doPageUpdate() {

    errors = new Array();
    // ------ SET ERROR HANDLER --------

    // update the HTML page
    var result = proc.updateHTMLDocument(xml);

    // show a window alert listing any compile-time or run-time errors
    if (errors.length > 0) {
// ------ DECLARE ERROR HANDLER --------
function handler(saxonError) {
   errors.push(saxonError.message + " " + saxonError.level + " " + saxonError.time);