Saxonica: XSLT and XQuery Processing: newXSLT20Processor


newXSLT20Processor($xslt as Document?) → XSLT20Processor

The factory method for creating a new XSLT20Processor object.





The XML Document containing the stylesheet.




The optional xslt argument is used to specify the stylesheet to be used when one of the transform functions of this object is called. The function, requestXML, provides a cross-browser method for getting a Document instance of the stylesheet.

If the xslt argument is null when XSLT20Procssor is initialised using this function, the importStylesheet function should always be called first, before initiating a transform.

It's possible to use a number of XSLT20Processor instances. This may be useful either when you want to exploit a number of previously compiled stylesheets, or when working with different HTML target pages (events from the host page are broadcast to all processors that have stylesheets with ixsl:event templates).